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What's the deal with Blue Light?

We spend an average of nine hours on blue light emitting devices each day, which inhibits melatonin release. This is enough to interrupt your sleep patterns, cause eye strain, fatigue, and cracking headaches. No one's got time for that! June Fox non prescription blue light blocking glasses filter harmful ultra violet from your digital devices and screens, meaning you can sleep well and be headache free.


Handcrafted Frames

June Fox non prescription blue light blocking glasses have been designed in Australia and hand crafted to perfection by digital only specialists. Lightweight and stylish, these acetate frames sit comfortably and you'll feel great - inside and out.

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June Fox lenses block out up to 40% of harmful blue light. This means you'll be sleeping well, feeling and looking fine. So fine.

Our hand made ultra lightweight acetate frames are so light you won't even know you've got them on. The lenses are hydrophilic, anti-scratch, anti-static and perfect for every day wearing.

After Pay available

We're here for your eyes and here for your wallet. Shop now and enjoy the benefits of June Fox blue blocking glasses today with Afterpay.  Every day can be a better day with June Fox.


Expect sustainability? So do we! All our packaging is plastic free and home compostable. There's more than meets the eye with June Fox.

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"I was skeptical but this has made a massive difference to how bad my headaches get at the end of the day." Julie

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"I wear these morning to night. Being on my devices all of the time for work really gives me terrible headaches. The difference since wearing these glasses is incredible. So thankful to June Fox!!" Yentl

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"I'm really happy with my purchase! Thank you for the great service too. So light and well made and chic little case." Amanda

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