How do June Fox glasses work?


June Fox glasses block out up to 40% of harmful Blue Violet light emitted from digital devices such as smart phones, tablets, computer screens and televisions from the highest energy wavelengths, 400-440nm range.

This helps to improve focus, alleviate eye strain and headaches, making your eye feel more comfortable and relaxed. It's the eyewear for office workers, Netflix surfers, Instagram scrollers and digital professionals!


Are you Optometrists?


We are not optometrists, rather a group of health conscious, digital age professionals who were looking for a solution to our problem.

June Fox Eyewear can help alleviate the negative effects of overexposure to Blue Violet light, however we do recommend that you consult an eye care professional for professional eye examinations and advice. 


Can you supply prescription eyewear?


June Fox Eyewear is a non-prescription blue light blocking optical brand. As such, we only supply non-prescription eyewear that block blue light only. 


Do you supply readers and magnifier glasses?


Yes! We currently have a shipment of standard readers optimised with the CR39 lens on the way. Please check back shortly for drop dates and availability.


Are your frames unisex?


Yes! All our frames are handmade and are made in unisex colours and sizes.


How do I care for my June Fox glasses?


We recommend that you use the microfibre cloth provided by us to clean your lenses. Please do not use any rough or harsh rags as they may scratch and damage the lenses. 

The acetate frames may be washed in warm soapy water and dried with a microfibre cloth.


Do you ship worldwide and how much does it cost?


Yes! We ship worldwide and offer free shipping within Australia! 

Shipping costs depend on your location, and will be calculated at checkout.


Can you wear your June Fox glasses at night time?


Yes! In fact it's recommended! Wearing your June Fox frames at night will help you fall asleep faster, increasing melatonin levels by up to 3 times more than when not wearing blue light blocking glasses.

You'll sleep deeper and wake up feeling more relaxed and energised!


Do you offer returns?


Absolutely! We offer a 30 days return on all glasses. All you need to do is email us at hello@junefoxeyewear.com to approve your return and we will send you all instructions required. 

Please note that Returns will only be offered where the frames and lenses are in their original packaging, and in their original condition. Returns will not be offered where glasses have been damaged from improper use, lack of care or accidents. Returns will also not be offered for aesthetic changes due to daily use of the glasses (lack of shine over time, scratches etc.)

Just note that postage on returns will be at customers cost. 


How long will it take for my order to arrive?


We pack orders within 48 hours of purchase. Shipping times may vary depending on high traffic times and holidays, however a general guide to shipping times are:

Australia metro: 1-3 days

Australia regional: 2-6 days

Internationals: 6-8 days